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Oct 31, 2006
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Alberta, Canada
I got an email from a really close friend of mine this morning saying "God bless "HD" and Mike and I will be praying for you and "Mr.HD" we will light a candle this evening for you, hugs and kisses, Peg." :?

So I was completely caught off guard by that thinking what do they know that I don't know, and am now getting worried. I email another close friend who lives close to Peg and kinda mention the email I got from her and how perplexed I was ...
Well the phone rang half an hour later and my friend was apologizing profusely while kind of chuckling. After hearing her explanation I was laughing ..

She had mentioned to Peg yesterday when they spoke that I had said that I was now on "baby watch" and Peg thought that we were, well you know, on 2 legged baby watch trying to get pregnant . I then call Peg and explain that no, calving season is starting .. :lol2:

I Still think it is kinda funny that she assumes that ,even though she knows that I start my calving season this time of year. :)

Just thought I would share as I am sure I am not the only one that this has happened to.. :tiphat:
haha! Yeah I am always talking about my "new babies" which I'm sure confuses people :lol: :lol:
But then again, Peg might have that intuition and know something that you yourself may not know at this minute. Never can tell. ;-)
It seems that if you're young and married, everyone assumes there's a baby on the way. With my pets and livestock, anytime I say baby, kid, birth, or anything close to that, someone things children are on the way. Also, don't talk about how you are trying to eat healthier. People assume its for one reason only, not the fact that it's just good to eat healthier.

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