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Ellie May

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Jan 4, 2004
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Tennessee Ridge, Tennessee
I know this is a cattle board just wondering if anybody knew anything about peacocks. We had 7 baby peacocks born. Very cute little birds. Mother hatched them out her self & seemed like she was taking care of them, but about a week later one morning I woke up up & 4 were dead took the other 3 seperated them but they died too. I've heard they are like Turkeys they put their head up & look at the rain & drown. I've figured out either she stepped on them or they drowned don't know. Next time we were told to put them in a cage as soon as they are born. If any body has any ideas it would be very appreciated.
Ellie May
As soon as they hatch take them away from mother and put them in a brooder. ( a wooden box with a light bulb in it ) old timers say if they get their feet wet they wont make it. Keep them at about 80 degrees till they start to feather out, then you can lower the temp. keep chick starter and plenty of water in a small chick water anything bigger and they will get in it and drown. their not smart birds at all.
I saw an interesting sight yesterday. We keep a few peafowl around for the entertainment. Yesterday morning I saw a pair of mockingbirds getting after them and walked over to investigate. Turned out that the mockingbirds were pushing their young out of the nest. When they would flutter down on their maiden flight the peacocks were catching them and pecking them to death. They killed all four. Meanness in a fallen world.

Peachicks are like guinea keets-the mothers are lousy and will drag them through all the wet grass and brush they can find and lose them or drown them. The only way to raise them is in a brooder or with a chicken hen. I finally got tired of fooling with them after the last ones that I hatched under a hen and raised them to maturity decided to go down the road to the neighbor's and stay. They were already two years old and just up and left. They were there for years but would never venture back to our place.
Just about everybody is saying the same thing. So next time I'll be sure to seperate them. We weren't really for sure on a count we never raised them before, oh well you learn from your mistakes. She went through all the trouble of hatching em' and everything it's a pity oh well always next year. Thank ya'll!
Ellie May
Neighbor has a bunch of them. Neat looking but definitely the most obnoxious bird I've ever encountered. Accidenatally flattened one out with my truck a few months ago and my neighbor isn't speaking as a result.
I find it really surprising that there is that much trouble raising the fool things. I've never tried, but it seems that everyone I know that has a few has lot of them. The seem to reproduce and survive even better then guienies(sp). We used to hatch pheasants and quail under broody chickens, maybe that would work with peafowl as well.

Blasted things are outrageously noisy and get pretty aggressive during their season. I ran one over because he thought he would challenge my F350. Nothing but a puff of pretty blue feathers !!

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