Paul Harvey and the Story of Emily Morgan

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Apr 21, 2004
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Y'all heard today's Paul Harvey "The Rest of the Story"? It was a fabalous and quite funny story! It was the story about Emily Morgan "Yellow Rose of Texas". General Santa Anna had a huge crush on her but turns out she was a spy for Sam Houston.. I was hoping to find his story on the Internet and copy and past it on here....i was amused by the story! I got a real kick out when Sam Houston captured Santa Anna nearly naked (too busy amusing Emily Morgan haha!). I was hoping someone would find the exact words from Paul Harvey "The Rest of the Story". Oh well.....
paul harvey is an animal rights activist, not as bad as some people but still bad.
i do not listen (support) paul harvey or anyone who will try to put me out of business in the future and some of my family members, too. so i do not care about ANYTHING he talks about just another voice on the radio that i turn when i hear it.

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