Patch had her calf

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Four legs. 8 toes. 2 ears. 2 eyes and only one tail!! Awesome. Some folks get too riled up about such things. Are u gonna breed the son to his mother?? Be an interesting experiment. Love to see how he grows.

Just for giggles....

I've always been on the side of not wanting to breed them too close, but I realize it's done often to a point. This was a situation of having a heifer bull ( sire of several of the heifers) and wanting to bring in a bit bigger bull instead of another heifer bull.
We had a string of bad at first with the heifers, some of the heifers from that bull don't seem to milk enough or in one not at all. One heifer had a deformed twin.
It evened out and it's gotten better with most of the heifers milking well,
We'll probably steer that that calf.
If I had a set of unrelated heifers he'd probably be great for that though if left a bull,
We had a registered Hereford cow to get bred by a son a few years ago, she was bred by but didn't stick to another bull earlier and got bred later after we turned her son in with the cows.
That calf was born and was just weak and slow, he died fairly soon,
Another cow the mother of our big bull had a similar story, didn't want her bred to her son but it happened, she calved and the calf was slow and just didn't seem to take off very fast.
We brought the pair in for about a week, it was several days before it nursed the cow, finally it took off and did fine but sure a rough start.
Done a close breeding twice. Only because that used our own bulls, while there were their dams and granddams in the herd. Son on a dam produced a calf with lower growth rate. No other faults, just both times both calves were slower growing. Calves from granddams were just like all other calves.

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