pastured calves with scours

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Jul 30, 2004
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can anyone help?? We have now lost 3 calves with scours. They are in the pasture and end up with scours really bad then they just die. It is not scours though. When we sold our cattle last year we lost a calf 2 days previous to shipping them out. We at a loss and if we can get some info. on this please help. The guy that bought the cattle said that he had to vaccinate the animals for Ibr?? Or something like that. The animals went from south of North Battleford Saskatchewan to Maple Creek Saskatchewan. Approx 4 hours?? Please help
IBR is infectious bovine rhinitos. It can show up as a lot of different things. Calves need to be vaccinated for IBR, BVD - bovine viral diahrea, PI3, and a host of chlostridial deals. Most combination vaccines have all the stuff rolled into one shot or two at the most.
From what I've seen in reaearch, persistant infected cows cause a major loss in BVD infected calves in some herds. If I remember correctly, PI cows can be identified with a simple blood test.

You need a vet. Identify the cows that are the dams of those dead calves and have them tested. Next dead calf should be taken to a lab and necropsied.

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