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I think that is the reason for that livestock agent now. He was telling me some crazy stories last time I talked to him. We had a random bull show up no one would claim. He nice registed Angus. I knew the brand and got his #s and the owners info. Owner wouldn't claim him. They hauled him to the county pens and he eventually got sold.

He told me a while back they had cattle out on the highway and called the owners. They were on vacation and just acted like... what do you want us to do... it's not our problem. 😄 He told them... well we will catch them. Just give me a call when yall get back, bring yalls check book, and yall can get them back. He said they got all pissy about it.

Crazy stuff. A bunch of people who have cattle who have no business having them.
Here everyone with cattle do it to make their living. Everyone uses real good bulls. So bulls being bulls if one gets into your pasture it is not a big concern with getting dink calves from someones dink bull. And the range land pastures are big enough and rugged enough that you might not even know he is there. Last year when we gathered the one and done cows we came in with 7 or 8 cows and one real well bred high dollar bull. I think there was 3 or 4 different owners. We sorted them in the corral and phoned people. They came later that day or the next morning and got their cattle. His high dollar bull might have bred our cows. But our cows got on a truck the next day to the plant. I had one pair show up in someone else's gather which was at least 10 miles away. They called and we got her back. And everyone brands their cattle and their are brand inspectors at the sale. Prevents any one from selling your cattle.

I got accused of some funny business with a cow once. The smart ass kid running a small, barely solvent sale barn said a cow I brought in was his cow. I'd bought the cow a year earlier and it raised a poor calf, so I culled her. The brand inspector got involved and I brought in the receipt from when I bought her. The cow had an odd brand that wasn't registered, and the receipt had a drawing of the brand on it done by the inspector when I bought the cow. If I hadn't kept the receipt I wouldn't have been able to prove I'd bought the cow. The little grunt running the auction was pissed. He thought he was going to get a free cow... and he held a grudge as long as I lived there. I'd still use the barn because he wasn't one of the auctioneers and didn't have anything to say as the cattle sold.

I can't figure what his problem was... unless he was the crook I think he was.
Strange dogs and neighbors who just bought a new AK 47 and try it out by relieving themselves of a case of ammunition in the field beside the cows.
Neighbors granddaughter and her new boyfriend did that a couple weeks ago. They shot for 5 or 6 hours. I assume it was a .22 l, otherwise they spent some serious coin that day.
Neighbors granddaughter and her new boyfriend did that a couple weeks ago. They shot for 5 or 6 hours. I assume it was a .22 l, otherwise they spent some serious coin that day.
If not for others sometimes would have no problems.
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I have a neighbor one. We have a neighbor that always has an issue keeping his Char bulls home. They will trash fences and what ever else. I have ran them to near death after coming over multiple times back to back because he wouldn't get rid of them.

So a few years back after issues he wanted to build new fence between us. He claimed that was the issue. He had a cousin that was a fence builder and he liver in that area. We went for it to keep the peace. Fence was trash and with in less than a year he had a bull go through it. He ended up putting a hot wire on his side to keep his bulls off the fence.

Here a month ago he has a bull go through the hot wire and regular fence and on our side again. He wouldn't come get it for over a week and my dad was getting pretty fed up with him. When my dad calls him again to see when he was going to get his bull the guy has the nerve to say... well, if yall would put a hot wire on yalls side also maybe we could prevent this. 🤬

Have people lost their minds? In what world do you tell your neighbors they need to add a hot wire to keep your bull out.

My dad always kind of frowns at me when I get on these other neighbors on my stuff but I know he lost it on him. 🤣
Buy a Jersey or Corriente bull, next time the fence is down turn it loose and drive it across to his side. Fix the fence.

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