pasture per cow

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I live in North Mississippi....we have mild winters and real hot and humid question is what ratio can I expect to have on a cow per acre and how much will that change when they have calves?
Talk to your county agent. It can vary drastically even over short distances.

I am from West Point, Ms. and I have heard everything from 1 acre to 5 acres in this area. Up north I have heard people say 8 acres to the cow/calf. I think that the answer to your question in going to depend on certain variables. Rotational grazing, quality of grass, and grass management seem to have allot of influence on how productive a peice of ground can be. I have asked that question to many a cattleman in this area and the best I can tell is this: With intensive management I think you can run 1 unit per 1.3 to 1.4 acres. Keep in mind, I am new at this so my comments do not come from experiece.
this is tothe guest who livesin westpoint. i wasjust wondering who you are. you should register with cattletoday. since we are soclose to each other maybe we can helpeach other out with questions and problems i am half of hitom cattle.. email me at [email protected] and since we are both new to this maybe we can help each other out..