partially paralyzed baby calf

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Apr 13, 2017
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My neighbor called and said he had a calf for me if i wanted it. Its a new baby calf that fell off in the creek and was hanging by a root on its back end when he found it(not aure how long it had been there). He was able to get it and take it to the house but due to being caught up and hanging its hips and back legs are partially paralyzed. It can stand and walk a few feet but then its lays back down. I got it about 5:30 this morning and tried to give it a bottle, didnt take much but got some down it. I am needing to know what there is i can do to help him?
Keep getting food in him, turkey baster might be the answer there. Get something from the vet for pain/swelling and he probably will turn out fine in the long run.
Possibility of Banamine for the swelling and pain which could be internal from him being stuck. If he is walking a little I really think getting him to eat and a little exercise at a time will get him back in shape. Try some electrolytes for energy, and some probios gel down it's throat to get it's gut tract to working. Don't give electrolytes in the milk replacer, it will cause scours. Alternate feedings. You might just try a shot of b-complex to stimulate the appetite also. A little TLC will go a long would you feel being stuck hanging in the creek by your hips ???? Fewer small feedings will do as much or more for a few days.
Had one from a hard pull at birth that couldnt use its back legs for near a week. I just sat in a chair and put it over my knee a few times a day while it nursed its mother. Its now a mother itself this year.
How's your calf doing for you? I've had a few over the years like that and they've all straightened out over time or with some meds for inflammation. Could be pain or a pinched nerve due to his injury and/or inflammation. If you're worried about the calf not getting enough to eat, might need to try tube feeding if he's too weak or not interested.

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