overo and tobiano

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we have an argument going concerning the coloring of paints. Could someone please describe both Overo and Tobiano
Usually the easiest way to tell the difference between Overo and Tobiano is this:
Tobiano - the white markings at some point come over the back of the horse; be it mane, spine or tail.
- their head is usually the last part of them to become white (although a blaze or star is pretty common, bald and apron faces are not)

Overo - the white starts out from the bottom of the horse's body first ; usually somewhere on the belly or neck. The last part of an overo to have white is near the spine.
- bald faces are usually seen on overos.

Hope some of this makes sense and helps, but for more information, visit the APHA website (american paint horse association). They should have a link with that information.
Take care. ;-)

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