Our old bull, Rustam

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Dec 13, 2008
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Lillooet, BC, Canada
I finally found a picture, though not the best, of our old bull which we kept for about 6 years or so... we got rid of him because since we have 18 cows, we only have 1 bull, and he'd devote all his attention to one cow in heat, and completely ignore any others, I think he looks fairly good.. bought from Milt Stein, not sure the name of his farm though... in my "welcome" thread, pictures of cows which are not ours are others of Milt's (IE, Kokanee)



We started with a red angus, then Saler, and we're on our second shorthorn now... I am quite sure every bull we have had has been a 1st place or grand champion...
yes, he did, all the shorthorn cows in pictures of our herd are his, next year is the new bull, and we're hoping for less white colouring, just for consistency of the calves, since the white ones always get separated out at the auction