Our Corral and Barn Setup

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Aug 24, 2005
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Saskatchewan, Canada
I was going to post all these photos on here, but then had a better idea. This way if someone wants to know I just have to post the link ;-) , rather than all these photos again. Anywhere if you want a tour through our corral system and our barn (such as it is) just click on the link.

It works quite well for us, we have put approx 170 pair through the system. Last year the barn saw almost no use. Just a few cows we had to assist. This year is still to come :kid: For those of you who are going to say it, the barn is just freshly cleaned out, and I am airing it out for a few days until we need it. We need to get some square straw bales in there, then we will spread them out when needed. In a perfect world, they would all do it by themselves outside, but I'm sure at the very least we will run into some cold weather, and with 30 heifers and 60 cows chances are someone will have to have help for one reason or another.

You got a good setup Randi. Makes life alot easier when you got the facilities to work em in.
Thanks everyone. I just thought I'd post the pictures because every so often someone comes on looking for ideas. So now I can just post the link to show whomever.
Very close to my setup, no barn yet though, but it is pretty much what I have planned. Love the way the corral works when setup this way, everything flows very smooth. Mine are made with pipe and sucker rod, but the same basic design. Nice place Randi!

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