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Jan 20, 2009
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Not sure what it's called but we have a sticker plant that is driven us crazy. It grows low to the ground and have little clusters of spins about the size of a dime that is kinda biege in color. We have seen them in the pasture and along the roads for several years but know they are taken over the place. I noticed Rasko my dog limping and called him over to take a look and looked and looked and looked. Didn't see anything. After several hours of watching and looking I finally found them. Yes...THEM! There were losts of tiny clearish stickers every where stuck in his paw. It touck tweezers and alot of time to get them out. They stick on your shoes, tires on the lawn mower, your truck...... Bad news, if they get in the house on the carpet. :devil2: They have a tap root that looks like a baby carret and can be up to four....five inchs long. This thing looks like it is here to stay! I've looked on lots of site on the internet but just can't seem to find it and what to use to kill it. Last week a friend of ours took a cow to the vet because she stopped eating and he said that her mouth was red and hot with fever. Well...guess what? Her mouth was full of tiny thorns. I hope I am explaining this right and someone knows what they are because this is a nasty little plant. Thanks for reading and have a good one!!
A picture would be wonderful. This is the time of year for stinging nettle to be coming out. There are several types of this.

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