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We have been trying to get a cow that lost her baby to take an orphan calf. Things we have tried are: skinning her dead calf and placing hide on orphan and the O No More from the vet. If anyone else has anything they have tried and succeeded I would appreciate advice. The cow is 4 years old, we just bought her along with 4 others and she is the SECOND to lose her calf. The previous owners definently feed these girls up and made them babies grow fast because the calf she lost was over 100 pounds and was hung up because when we found them the head was swelled and it had bruising under the hide. I am sure worried about the rest of them, hope they don't lose theirs too.

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I would suggest watching them. I know it sounds crazy but it might just help.
if you can get the calf to drink the milk of the foster mama, by:

1 - placing mama in a squeeze chute and bringing the calf up and helping the calf suckle

2 - milk the mama and bottle feed the calf

soon, the calf will "smell" like the mama and she will accept it.

with time and patience you can tie or hold the cow and let the calf nurse it takes about 3-4 days two or three times a day for it to work. my grandpa use to get a switch and whip the cow until she would stand still and let the calf nurse, but i think it makes things worse but it worked for him i have seen them stand perfectly still.

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