Orphan Bottle Calf covered in Ticks

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Feb 25, 2009
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Bear Creek NC
I have an about 3 day old beef angus cross bull calf that I got from a neighbor..mama was dry...so we're bottle feeding and he's taken to that quite nicely...I'm feeding him a gallon divided 4x a day right now...not quite sure how long he went with out eating...I did feed him some colostrum I had in freezer when i first got him....he's a little bit weak, but stands and walks and nurses the bottle..though not super vigorous.....He is covered in ticks...all around his eyes and all over.. His gums are a bit pale and I know I need to get them off but...what is safe to treat him with. He's about 50/60 lbs....
Be careful, a gallon of milk is plenty for a 50lb calf. Make sure that those 4 feedings are in no less than12 hours.

If you could pick them off or use a tick shampoo for everywhere but his eyes, it might be better than shocking his whole system with a wormer. Just my opinion. The vet might recommend a supplement paste or injection. Good luck

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