Organic Cattle in Southeast?

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Sep 2, 2004
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Is anyone raising cattle organically in the southeast?
How are you handling worming?
What breed(s) are working out for you?
I'm thinking of raising a couple of cattle on our farm in central NC but have been told that handling worming within the organic regulations is problematic in the southeast.
Any advice that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!
I'm one of the 'uncoventional' folks. :shock: I ONLY use DE (diatamacious earth) to worm ALL my critters. There are 2 DON'T want the pool cleaning kind. Most nurseries sell it...I paid $14 for a 20# bag & it lasted me more than 4 months. (2, 1/2 grown calves, 1 horse, 2 dogs, a dozen+ chickens & a few outside cats.) Each amount varies; from a Tablespoon for the dogs & cats & chickens (I just mix it in with thier respective foods): typical is 2% of large animals' feed. For the calves & horse I rounded it off to a couple of heaping Tablespoons in their feed....with slow increases as the calves gain weight.
BUT the downside is you have to put it in their feed daily. If you don't grain/suppliment feed it could be a problem. I know some folks offer it 'free choice' like loose minerals. It is a fine dust & shouldn't get wet (it would be best kept in some type of shelter out of the wind & rain). It is safe & all natural.
If you would like more info...PM me. OR you can do a search on the web. There are also some homeopathic remedies you could use....but I am not too familiar with them.
Also, to be 'offically' organic--there are quite a few 'hoops', rules and lots of time you must endure to get to that 'official' organic seal of approval. Much easier to label "All Natural" or "Grass Fed" or "No Hormones/Antibiotics", ah, something along those lines.
Also, if you aren't too familiar with any Alternative medicinal (preventative & curative) would be the time to learn. There's ALOT to know & understand! It would be a great help in becoming organic. I'm not saying there isn't a place for conventional medicine....there is a time & place for everything.
PS Check out
They have some EXCELLENT articles & lots of books & videos & advice for doing things 'more natural'. They've been at it alot longer than me! :D