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Jan 30, 2004
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central ky
Here is a picture of a 6 month old heifer calf that is also the 1st calf from a red and white face heifer. Her sire was an unregistered purebred black angus. I would like to get some opinions on what you think of her to be able to get more knowledge of what to look at when I see other calves. Thanks in advance for any replies you might have.
I also meant to say she was on mommas milk and grass also, no other feed.
Not sure of an exact weight but would say around 400 at time pic was taken, shes looks to have gained several more pounds in the month since then.
Don't go by my guess on weight as set in stone as I'm not really very good at it and was trying to guess absolute minimum, she very well could have been around the 500# mark but didn't want to over guess her.
Nice calf, jgn. I really like the length of her. If she was nice and roomy through the hips would probably make a nice replacement heifer, but I can't judge well enough from the pictures. Does she have some Simmie in her background? Just wondering as she's got that loose dewlap that some of them exhibit.

By the way, cherokeeruby, am I seeing things or is that the dancing banana from "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" on Ebaum's comedy site? Got a chuckle out of seeing him dancing around on your avatar.

Take care.
I don't have any intentions of selling her, like to have 20 more just like her.

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