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Jun 16, 2004
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osage county oklahoma
I was talking to a rancher in Georgia today about open range and he had never heard of it. Open Range is where the cattle have run of all the county roads (not state highways) and if a motorist hits it they are responsible for your cattle. We have fences down the state highways and property line fences with cattle gaurds to keep them in. I like it because alot of people do not realize how much grass is wasted on a 5 mile stretch of county road.
thats true. our cows love to graze the bermuda growing on the roadside, mostly on sunday mornings bright and early. come to think of it, our neighbors like to honk their horns on sunday mornings bright and early too..
That's pretty neat! My cows have a hard time remembering what day of the week it is.
Surprised they didn't complain about the special habitat along roadsides like they done down in the lands of fruits and nuts (California)! Here in Oregon, open range is common especially in southeastern Oregon! It gives more cows room to graze and roam! I love open range country! Feel so free to be surrounded by cattle, deer, wild horses, antelope, etc..almost heaven!

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