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Feb 24, 2007
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This happened to a lady I know last night.

Went to the local cafe for the End of Harvest Celebration, a little early since a lot of us are not done.
Well I took that different cake I make and a huge jar of pickles.
after I got done eating I was sitting with my friends. I noticed that one of them had a piece of my cake on her plate. She broke it in half and took a bite.
she then looked at my other friend and told her how gross this cake was. Now I didn't say anything. She kept going on how gross and nasty it was. Well she then offered it to our friend to eat. She was full and didn't want it. She then offered it to me and since I was full I didn't take it.
Then she remarked about who would something that bad to the get together.

I made it.
The look on her face when I said that was priceless. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:
Now I am literally on the ground rolling with laughter and tears in my eyes. She is red as a beet and our friends are all laughing like loons.

Now I told her not to worry about it. I wasn't insulted. If she didn't like the cake that was fine. I couldn't believe it when she sat there and ate it though. I did keep telling her she didn't have to eat it.
She did apologize.
She told me later that she thought it was corn bread.
Told her I would make a big pan of corn bread for her next year. :D
She did say that the chocolate cake and cherry pie filling one sounded good though.
You know granny come to think on it, I've only had 1 other person before critize my cooking to my face.

It was during my EMT training. I sort of spoiled our group with my home made goodies. Well I was making a coffee cake and ran out of time to bake it. The building we were at had a stove with an oven, so I just brought the cake and popped it in the oven.
Now one woman kept telling me I was burning the cake. No I wasn't, the oven is dirty from spills. She kept it up for quite a while until I had enough and told her she could bring the treats next week. That is when several other people there also told her to be quiet.

Needless to say they ate the whole cake and she never did bring anything.
I'm probably my worst critic. I know what good food tastes like, and if I'm disappointed, then I assume everyone else will be.

I do actively encourage the boss and kids to tell me their likes and dislikes. They pretty much don't mind being the guinea pig on my new food ventures. If they're going to talk about it, I insist they do it to me!

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