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Oct 28, 2004
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Sunfield, Michigan USA
How do your various breeds run your cow calf classes??
1.Do you show both the cow and calf in their individual age group class as well as the cow calf class (cow/calf considered a "group class")?
2.Do you show the calf in its individual class but not the cow and have a cow/calf class, (cow/calf not considered a "group class")?
3.Do you show the calf in its individual class, have the option to show the cow in her class and then have a cow/calf class, basically like number one but not required to show the cow in her age group?

At most fairs up here, the calf is shown with the cow if she has one, but the cow isn't shown without the calf(unless she doesn't have one at the time). If the calf is old enough to show in its own class (born by April usually), then they will show by themselves in their class.
In Longhorns, a calf can show on its own once it reaches 120 days old. In the female classes, a female can have a calf at side up to 205 days of age for the calf. So, from 120 days old to 205 days old the calf can show in its respective class and at side of its dam. Cows show in their respective age class with or without a calf. There is no separation if a female has a calf at side or not, and there is no special class just for pairs.

normally we show the cow with it's calf at side. But if the calf is old enough to go into the youngest class then we show the calf in its own class AND then in the cow calf pair class as well.
At our Hereford national shows, and most state fairs, the cow is only shown with the calf. The calf can be shown in it's own age class, too. If the cow is still in the oldest heifer age group, then she does not show in the cow/calf, she will show in the heifer class with the calf along side.

At some of the county fairs there are cow classes where the cow is shown without her calf.
Chris, what is the oldest age group that your cows get shown in?? We don't have a cut off for our senior females. I am curious as to how other breeds handle their classes. Thanks for the input here!

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