Ooh, A straw!

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They won't be happy until that hose is laying on the ground or they've chewed the end off :lol2: .

usually, I know how much they like chewing on it, but it was fine all season.. we have our share of hoses with no ends from them though
One of my heifers last year decided to do that. She wasn't as talented as your cow though, took a wrong swallow and I thought she was going to drown. She coughed and sputtered for quite awhile. Tried it again the next day though, she's not a quitter. ;-)
It would take a few years of selective breeding to get my cows drink off a hose. In the winter my cows act like I’m mistreating them because I put down wood chips along the fence, temp fence on the other side and make them walk to the heated water troth. They would rather stand and moo at me then walk to find it on there own.

Every morning we run them down the path to get water so we can move the fence to the next padlock easer. Around 8 PM a few will be drinking and the rest will be 1 to 2 miles away mooing for me to bring them water. I just run them back down the path and they never learn. I play this game every year in the winter. The calves walk down on there own a few times a day because I keep there creep feeder and wind break near the water troth and make them walk to get there milk.
after we wean, the calves are watered in a bathtub, and while we fill it, most of them tried to use it as a shower instead, which is a pain for us since it gets the corrals all wet and muddy... I guess it tastes fresher