One of THOSE days

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Dec 17, 2006
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Hauling hay to another corral today, but the weather is at least cooperating, got all the way up to 30 degrees F today!! So I load up the trailer with hay, as I pull out and turn I notice one of the tires on the trailer has blown out. Oh well, I'll try and make it, its only 2 miles. As I turn the other way to pull onto the road, a wheel on the OTHER side of the trailer............falls off. One of those days.
Had days that were similar. Once was loading some cull cows, one of which was a witch and had a nasty disposition. Well I managed to get them in the crowding area and into the chute. The crazy one went first with a timid one second and another third. The crazy one jumps into the trailer turns around and wants back out. The next one will not crawl into the trailer with the crazy one making such a ruckus. I go get the hot-shot from behind the seat and of course the batteries are dead. Call a neighbor to give me a hand, we get them loaded, he heads out and I follow behind. Get going up the road and something just doesn't feel right. Stopped, got out to take a look. One tire is off the rim and the other is just about on the ground. One spare and it is flat too. It's late, no one open to get the tires fixed.

Neighbor, being a good neighbor, got his trailer and hauled them in for me. Hope you had somone to give you a hand.
man i hate days like that hauling hay.25yrs ago we was hauling sq bales an blew out a tire on the trailer eeach time we would take the tire go on 3 till we could get back an get a new tire.
I can top that. When I had the fence company I had an old tool trailer,that the skid loader would fit on,but it wasn't a good idea and I rarley hauled it on that trailer.Anyhow we had finished the job and had the big trailer someplace else and wanted to get moved out.So we stuck it on headed for the house,about a mile down the road one wheel falls off and I think aw f it we can make it on three if we take back roads :dunce: ,then were going good for a few miles and one of the boys that worked for me says whats that :?: ,well it was a wheel off the other side of the trailer passing us and it went right beside some guys working along the road for the power company :help: ,by this time I'm felling stupid and mad :mad: so we keep going down the road just praying that no one I know saw us.We did good until a car meet us and I had to get over, hit a pot hole and lost another wheel and a trailer just won't roll to good on one wheel :help: So I we drove the loader to friends house and rigged one wheel back on the trailer and made to the house.I bet that was 12 or 15 years ago now and one of the dumber things I've ever done,boy those were good times.
I can sympathize with y'all,.. this happened in about a 3 day span..

brakes on my truck act up, causing me to get into a rearender.. luckily not a bad one
snow falls, and I blow up a front U joint on my truck, so I have no 4x4, fix that and find the transfer case chain is stretched.. then on my dad's truck the rear diff blows a piece of something through the rear cover, and the land cruiser wiring is pooched so that the heater blower doesn't work, and it's -15C.. not a good time for that

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