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Joy of Texas

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Nov 13, 2007
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This is a heifer that I raised. She dranked a gallon of milk in the morning and a gallon in the evening. I once was going to sell her,but I decided maybe not.
Yesterday,she had her first bull calf.
How rewarding for you :D
I am keeping 2 heifers for myself out of this bunch of calves i have that i am rearing,a friesian x Santa Getrudis and a Brangus...
I know it will be rewarding for me to see them have their own babies...
Jogeephus":tf6difpd said:
Looks like a nice calf. She sure found her a nice little hidey spot to have her in too.

My cows find the nastiest, thickest tangle of briars that they can find out in one my swampy patches of woods. If I didn't know where those hidey holes where I would never se a newborn younger than 3 days old.
Joy your cow looks like a little "trader cow" I bought a couple years ago. Probably weighs about 850 when she's 8 months pg....raises an awesome calf, breeds back quick and a heck of a mother. I spend all my time explaining to folks why I keep her and why she's so thin. Seems to always put everything either into milk and developing a baby. Not the kind to put out by the front fence but a money making rascal.
Joy, I know your proud of that little one. Good job raising that heifer, it will be interesting to see how that bull calf grows out. keep us updated with pictures please.
And your land reminds me of some of our woods.. complete with the briars, cactus, etc... :nod:
Nice job Joy. Must be very satisfying to see the fruit of your labor pay off like that. I also have a cow that ain't the beefiest thing around but raises a great calf. She might weigh 950 and weaned a 610lb heifer this year. Looked like hammered crap for about a month after weaning and is filling out real nice now on some good grub. Don't be surprided if she throws all she has into that calf. She looks like the good kind to me.

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