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Dec 25, 2003
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I recently purchased a 25 yr old reg thoroughbred mare that is in foal to a qh stud. It was a deal so I took it. My question is what special care should I take with such an old horse...a pregnant one at that. I have an appt to take her to the vet in a couple of weeks. In case you're wondering, I will NOT be breeding her again. After this foal she will live out her days here just lounging in the pasture with the others.
How far along is the mare? Think the Vet will have the best information and advice for her. There is a series of shots that are given at the 5th, 7th, and 9th month of pregnancy. Also, our Vet says to de-worm regularly UNTIL the 8th month, then next time at foaling. Check with Vet on correct de-wormer to use...some are potentially dangerous. I could give you specifics; however, I don't want to mention brand names for liability reasons.

Our foals are born in the pasture with mare & foal having run-in shed and personal area away from other horses. Have had no problems with either mare or foal. Don't do all of the "designer" treatments some afictionados suggest (that usually have barned & stalled horses). Ours turn out healthy and happy. Our mares are about 10 years old and foal easily. Have TWH and Peruvian Paso.
On top of the good advice you have aleady recieved, you might talk to your vet about any of the mares weight issues that may come up. As old as she is she may develope some swollen legs in varies place, most likely hocks. Ask about wind puffs or other issues to look for. I would say watch her weight, BUT DO NOT UNDER FEED, and feed quailty feed and vitamins at least through weaning.


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