Old toys that you thought were really cool

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I had a Tonka cement mixer. Well until some kids broke the mixer, then dad turned it into a flatbed truck. I had a wheeled bulldozer that one of my uncles had. I gave it to one of my cousins. I wish I still had that thing. Also had truck and cattle pot that I hauled the kittens in; I'm not sure they really like that all that well.
We had the semi trailer rig too. I bet every kid that ever had one filled it full of cats and went truckin'. Ours we to tie the doors shut with a rubber band.
We had race cars, I think they were called SST's they had a Tee shaped pull handle that had gear teeth on it. You would feed the handle in a slot that meshed with a weighted drive wheel then pull it out really fast and place it close to the ground and release it. We sat ramps up at the end of the patio too see who could jump them the farthest.
Tinker toys as I loved them. I could make just about anything as I had several sets combined. I would use rubber bands and make most working farm equipment. I went to a training for my employment, and they had tinker toys at each table for the staff to make an example of a topic they gave. It all came back to me and everybody was amazed at my finished products. I am good at tinkering.

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Clackers were the bomb! Until I nailed my brother, which may have been intentional, and never saw them again. And quality time with the Hula Hoop!

How 'bout roller skates? The strap-on kind.

Oh, roller skates! I think there were a few years when I never actually took a step! I rolled everywhere I went. My skating fascination lasted well into my teens, and if I still had the knees, I'd be skating to this day. I love it!

I never hit anyone but my own self with my clackers. I had several bruises on my hands... Once I got the hang of them, though, it seemed effortless, and I could just walk around clack-clack-clacking!

No, she slipped on the floor one morning chasing me and broke her hip, that toned her down a bit.


I suspect you might have been the same kind of kid my ex-husband was. His mother one time had me in stitches telling me about the times she almost killed him. Once she beaned him in the back of the head with a rock when he was running away laughing at her after pulling some prank, and another time, she actually threw a butcher knife at him. Thwanggggg! It stuck into the door jamb right beside him and scared him into obedience. (I don't know, but she swore that knife story was true, and so did the ex...) 🤣


Oh, yeah, Spirograph! And the Lite Brite! And Etch-a-Sketch! I had so much fun with those. I had an Easy Bake oven, too, that baked with a light bulb. I kept making my mom breakfast in bed (Easy Bake cake and frosting) until I'm sure she regretted getting me THAT, too.

I think one of my favorites, that I had forgotten until just now, was The Visible Horse. Those models came in all different species, including humans, but I was a horse nut, so my dad got me the horse for Christmas one year. It was a model of a horse, the skeleton and all the organs and muscles... then when you got that all put together, you painted the veins and arteries onto the inside of the clear plastic outside shell and glued them together. I had that thing for so long, and now I can't recall whatever happened to it. My mom probably threw it out. She was good at throwing stuff out when we weren't looking.
I read roller skates and think wow you had a paved road or driveway.
If we weren't playing with some kinda of firework we were hunting. I shot my first squirrel and deer at 7. Still have dad's 22 and the single shot 410 I started on.
That's the reloading kit I started on and the old Model 25 Winchester with poly choke that I graduated to at 12.
Parents today would go to jail for turning kids loose with such.
You all had it good all I can remember it having a June bug and a spool of thread, corn cob with chicken feathers stuck in it, throw it up in the air and watch it spin on the way down. No telling how many miles I've ran with a tobacco stick with a grass string tied to it for a horse. My first shotgun was a youth model 20ga Stevens savage, man-o-man I was big stuff then.
My sister hit me in the back of the head with one..but she was aiming at my front head..it flew over the top and slapped me dead in the back of the head..dont know how we didnt kill each other back then..
My brother and I fought so much, the 'rents bought us boxing gloves so we could do it legit!:ROFLMAO:
Kenny that old M25 has a 2500 serial number. They only made those from 49- 54.
It gets meat on both ends as well ! Kicks like a rented mule!
I haven't shot it in years for that reason, okay on a young man not old men.
Kenny that old M25 has a 2500 serial number. They only made those from 49- 54.
It gets meat on both ends as well ! Kicks like a rented mule!
I haven't shot it in years for that reason, okay on a young man not old men.
I had to look that model up. Was not familiar with it since it was only made in 12ga. It says its a no frills shotgun made to use.
It is amazing that I can tell most people's ages by the toys they are mentioning on this thread.
Most, I've never heard of.

Roy Rogers cap pistols, with holsters.
A brand new bicycle, I forget the brand but I rode that sucker 1/2 million miles it seemed.
Around 1964, I got a transistor radio. Hitachi brand. Hellooo Wolfman Jack!!!
I still have the Tonka trucks. They are up on a shelve in the shop. They are l to r. A truck with a lowboy trailer, an excavator (we called it a steam shovel), dump truck with snow plow, road grader, and a pickup truck for the boss to drive. These are probably about 67 years old.

I had a Tonka pickup truck and stock or horse trailer. Gave it to a grandson some years back.
Looked like a late 50s early 60s Ford pickup.
I still have my tonka snorkel firetruck, one of those rocking horses that are on springs; that was my second one, the first one I wore out. I think most of my younger cousins rode it, and it was repainted when it was given to my son to ride. I still also have my HO train set.

Who else had a Johnny West?

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