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Aug 6, 2004
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Is there any way of getting a 7 year old mare over bucking after riding a while, son-in law calls it a cold back.
Need more info. Have you always had this mare and she just started the bucking thing or did you recently get her from a sale barn. Almost certainly there is a way to stop her from bucking but first you need to be certain why shes bucking. How do you know that she's cold backed? In any case, if shes been tossing riders for long this behaviour may be plan A for her and so it may be time to either get a trainer or sell her to someone that knows how to deal with such dangerous bad habits. This is not something you should try to fix yourself using internet advise unless you have alot of experiance with horses. Else your medical and vet bills will soon exceed the value of the horse, or worse.
Could be caused by young riders that make short rides away from the
barn and turn and run back. The mare gets bored and has learned that
if she bucks she is turned loose with no more work that day. You can
move her to another ranch with very experienced horsemen who will
tie up her head so she can't get it down far enough to buck. All she can
manage to do is jump and hop around. Make her work all day reward
good behavior with pats and rubs and voice encourgement.
I'll step in and fill you guys in. We've had her since she was 3 or 4 don't remember which. She is a Palamino mare that is evidently sensitive skinned because if you leave the cinch looser she does a lot better. She's only ever had "experienced" riders on her i.e. my dad and uncles. She is fine at a walk or slow trot but she hates to work cattle or run. Well trail broke. Prolly should just be sold as a trailride horse. Anybody interested? :lol:
Hey just what I need and trail horse thats starts bucking when she doesn't want to do something...I agree with the past post, train her, sell her, or ride her yourself.

From Kansas hey.. August last year I was at the North Texas Horse auction and there was this lady there from Kansas, the S&S or S&H ranch or something like that. Anyway she had about a dozen of some of the best trained and behaved horses I've seen in years. Said she trained them all herself. Mostly working ranch QH Geldings in the 3 to 7 yr range. That auction should be coming up again soon. If I see her I'll tell her about your horse if you want. Is your horse regestered?

As far as the sensitve skin thing, I've heard of horses with a condition called Shingles which makes the nerves in their skin more sensitive than normal and have symtoms similar to what you've described. In some cases the skin can be so sensitive that you can't even brush the horse. The good news is that there ARE treatments for it. I don't remember what they are but I'm sure your vet would know.

I've also known cinchy horses. Especially ones with low withers that don't help hold the saddle in place well and people are tempted to overtighten the cinch to try and hold the saddle in place which is very uncomfortable for the horse. The answer in this case is to use a breast collar to keep the saddle in place better and backoff on the cinch. The not wanting to run thing you mentioned sounds like an overtight cinch, maybe.

Has she actually been tossing experianced riders for the past 3-4 years? If so, she needs professional help

Good luck.
If you see the lady from Kansas again do tell her about my horse. I would like to visit with her. No the horse is not registered. I traded for her because I liked her color and conformation. Thanks for the information.

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