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Apr 8, 2019
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The farm I recently purchased thankfully already has perimeter fencing. All 50 acres is fenced with woven wire and 1 strand of barbed wire on top. For the most part the fencing is in OK shape. But in some places, the top of the woven wire is loose. What is the best way to fix this? I'm a fencing rookie. And some other areas the woven wire is pushed down from the deer. Any help is appreciated!!
By loose do you mean broken from the rest of the woven wire or loose from the post?

Where it's mashed down just pull it up and drive a new post to tie it to. In my experience, mediocre WW is as good or better than 5-6 strand barb. If it's really poor, tack it up as best you can and run a couple strands of barb over it, one at the top wire of the WW and one about 18-24 inches down. this works pretty well.

The best fence aid of all is a full belly. None will last long if they're pushing over or through it.
You can throw in a couple extra tpost along the span that is loose or run 1-2 spans on barb wire tight 1 at top of the woven wire then one about 3/4 of the woven wire way then tie the woven wire to the newly installled barb wire

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