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~~~i was rolling hay up yesterday and got to thinking,how in the world would a man get his hay in for 80 hd cattle back in the old days before tractors,disc mowers,hay rollers an such.an thats just a small herd compard to the big ranchers.must have been some hard working boys back then.my hats off to all the old timers!!!~~~~~~Tc
Yes, it WAS a big effort back then. My dad back in the 30's and 40's had a stationery threshing maching where sickle-mowed grain was loaded by hand onto trailers and hauled to the thresher. The straw was then hand-loaded again onto trailer. Was transported to cattle pastures. Also, he would leave the straw pile after threshing, move the equipment, then turn the cattle into that pasture/straw pile for grazing.

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I'm too young to have worked on a threshing crew, but I grew up hearing some great stories. I suspect a lot of others on this board did too. As often as not the only bath you'd get was a hole in a creek. When working some of the snakier places you'd have to sleep on top of the chicken house at night. The cook shack served up the highlights of the day, and night-time practical jokes made for great memories. Long, hard, hot work, for next-to-nothing in pay, but looked back upon with fondness.

That, like so many other examples of the "good old days" should remind us all of how good we have it. It's amazing, the things we complain about these days. It was just a generation ago that women would do more physical work in a day than most men do in a couple of weeks now. Anybody who runs cattle is bound to be more hardened than most folks, but we absolutely have it made in the shade compared to those who came before us.


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