old country song ( Cal Smith)

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Jun 10, 2005
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Williamstown, MO (N.E.)
Anyone ever heard the song Jasons Farm? Its by Cal Smith. We have an Album of his and got it out and listened to it the other day.

My daughter couldn't believe about the 45 records ( she is 13) only having one song on one side. :lol:
Don't know that one, I remember his "Country Bumpkin" though, even if it was a little before my time. I remember 45's too, as well as trying to untangle 8 track tapes!
i to was thinking of country bumpkin.but ive never heard of jasons farm.heck i remember 33s an 45s as well as 8 track tapes an cassets.
Didnt really think anyone would know that song. He had a lot of good songs. Country bumpkin probably the biggest hit for him.

My daughter says we got ripped off because we can get a cd with lots of songs instead of a 45 with two. :lol:
i remember country bumpkin. not the other one, what about 45's 33's and 78's i think that what they was. 78's played on the old victrolas . my grandparents raised me. not that old but seen a few moons. just grew up appreciating the best of both worlds. i love antiques . i have a grandfather clock and a victrola. among many other treasures.
makes me think about grandpa, we had a tractor, we used but we plowed the garden with the horse. my job was to ride the horse, while grandpa drove back and forth making rows . i think that was grandmas way to get us both out of the house under foot LOL. and give the horse a purpose. LOL
I think Conway Twitty sang a version of Jason's Farm too. Gotta love those old albums :D

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