Old clutch, new clutch, and the test!

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Dec 13, 2008
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Lillooet, BC, Canada
Well I got the new clutch put into my truck... here's what happened to the old one


The new one (only a thousand bucks)

And here's how I tested it out

it was a 100 mile trip on hilly roads... I turned up the power on my truck again since the clutch could hold it, I was able to hold 50 MPH on a 10% grade though my exhaust temps were getting up there

truck - 3.3 tonne, trailer - 4.0 tonne, the old 5 ton water truck... who knows... another 4 or 5 tonne
= about 12 metric tonnes

end result.. good! I made it home, and my dad could barely keep up in the land cruiser
Well, look at it this way, Fords, Dodges and Chev's all use Dana drivetrains for the most part (OK chev has some Allison trannys), so you gotta choose the truck based on the powerplant (if you're smart), or by body styling (which most people do)

The pic of what I was hauling got a bit clipped... it's a 5 ton shorty with a 1000 gallon tank on it for firefighting.. ford 370 engine in it is seized, but I might throw a cummins in it
Now you're onto something. Ford body, cummins engine, torqshift tranny. That's would be the perfect truck
I think I actually like the dodge bodies the best, and I dislike auto trannys, so as long as the transmission doesn't explode, I'm pretty happy with what I have

I put the seat of a mazda Rx7 into my truck and it's made a world of difference for my back
Speaking of seats,
When we travel in our Dodge Kathy brings a pillow to sit on. She says the Dodge is a rough ride and wished I had another Ford.

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