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Ky hills

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Feb 4, 2016
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Clark County, KY
Wife and I went to her home town near Poteau, Oklahoma last week to visit her family. When we are there, usually isn't much time to sight see, but try to get a little bit in. We went to Rune Stone park, and then by the place that her grandparents used to live, that is now a Cowboy church. Being from the hills of KY, the land is a lot different there, and along the way.

At one of the overlooks at the Rune stone park in Poteau, OK.

Wife's grandparents former house, she said that he built on to the existing structure, and rocked it with rock that he picked up off of his farms. Now the house is a church office.
The height of the trees always throws me off. You could go squirrel hunting with a tobacco stick.
Yes the trees are definitely different. I also didn't notice any of those honey suckle bushes that are covering up everything around here.

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