OK to have 4 day old + calves contained by electric fence???

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May 30, 2004
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Victoria, Australia
OK. I'm about to buy 3 or 4 bobby calves (no mother) in about 2 weeks and wean them off the milk.

I have a shelter figured out, but have TWO VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS:

1: You may have already seen it, but is it OK to have my calves in the same paddock as chooks, or are there transmittable diseases, if so:

2: Can I contain my calves in a quarter acre section of a paddock, contained by an electric fence, or does it harn young calves?

Thank you!!!!!
It's no problem keeping them behind hotwire. Because of their size and tendency ti scoot under, run two strands, 1 of them 18" and one around 30-32".

YOU GUESSED IT! I have to laugh...I assume everyone knows wat a chook is LOL.

Thanks for the reply PS its a chicken :)

steveaust's Son, Brett Enright.
My "chooks" are free range and run out with the cows, calves and horses and so far, there've been no ill affects. Of course, it could be a train wreck waiting to happen. The livestock have plenty of other things to eat though and have become very picky as to what they think is good and what they KNOW I'm trying to poison them with. Result being is that they don't seem to want to eat the grass that the chickens have been running on. I also only feed hen scratch and oyster shells to the birds, so there are no processed feeds going through them. Their main purpose is to keep the grasshopper population down in the yard. Their eggs are just a nice little byproduct for me! :)

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