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1992 Chev. V6 1/2 ton Silverado
Oil pan plug was replaced 3 or so years ago with one of those self taping, half size bigger plugs. After the usual oil changes, threads on the oil pan are completely gone. Must of kept this truck to long, but its one of those that just keeps on going. Reminds me of that rabbit with batteries.
Will the next size self taping plug work another few years without leaking oil or is it time for a another oil pan?
Are there any other type replacement plugs out there?
Will be stoping by the mechanic Monday a.m. to get his opinion
Went ahead and tried the next size up self taping with a drain nut in the middle. $5 so far. A real bear to get started. So far no leaks after about 100 miles + or - .
Per the locals, engine has to be raised a bit to get my oil pan out. Napa service said about $300 plus for labor.
Always something. Just knew I had kept this truck to long.
Well, if it leaks a little now and then, we will have something in common, so we should get a long just fine for a few more years.
Besides tags are only $25 per year.
.......Thanks for the input

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