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Feb 21, 2004
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Ohio Beef Producers Overwhelmingly Vote in Support of
Beef Checkoff Program

On February 8 Ohio Agriculture Director Fred L. Dailey announced the passage of a referendum increasing the state checkoff on cattle from 50 cents to $1. “Cattle producers will not see a change in the $1 assessment on each animal they market, but this decision helps assure the continuation of marketing funds for Ohio’s beef industry despite questions as to the constitutionality of national check-off programs,” said Dailey. “Ohio's program is different from the national program because it allows producers to request a refund.”

The National Beef Promotion and Research Act and Order is currently under review by the U.S. Supreme Court. If overturned, Ohio would continue to collect the $1 assessment, with the allocation of it to be determined by the Ohio Beef Council. Currently, 50 cents of the dollar assessed goes to the state program and 50 cents goes to fund the national program through the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board. Seventy-six percent of the cattle producers who voted in the referendum favored the increase in the state assessment. These producers represented over 85 percent of the cattle owned by voters. Producers were able to vote by absentee ballot, at the Ohio Department of Agriculture, and at OSU Extension offices in all counties.

“The passage of the referendum shows the foresight of Ohio’s beef producers who took action to ensure the necessary funding to continue beef demand building programs no matter what lies ahead,” said Bill Sexten, OCA President and Fayette County cattle producer. “OCA takes pride in initiating this important effort on behalf of Ohio’s beef industry and appreciates the cooperation of OSU Extension and each of their county offices that served as polling places for the vote.”

The provisions of the Ohio Beef Marketing Program are defined in section 924 of the Ohio Revised Code. The Ohio Department of Agriculture has the authority through section 924 to oversee state commodity check-off programs, including making sure funds are being properly spent, overseeing referendums, conducting voting, and helping to establish new programs.

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