Oh, what the heck..........

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Jun 14, 2004
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This at least gives em somethin to talk about............

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Nice young Longhorn bull. I like his horns. His hide will one day make a lovely rug or throw and if I were rich with plenty of money to burn on whims like Dodge Challengers, Freightliner pickup trucks, speed boats, and H.D. motorbikes I might own a couple of cows like that; but if he ever came near a group of cycling heifers owned by me I would probably have to shoot him.
Don't worry-I doubt he'll ever get close to your heifers. He's probably not what most folks on here are looking for but he is the kind that can make some money in the Longhorn world. At least I think he can.
ive had worse hop the fence too get to my heifers, least he's purebred.. it's those inbred mongrels that send shivers down my spine
Hey branddum----You wouldn't have to worry---Longhorns are particular about their women !!!!!!! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

Roger, I like him !! Going to try to get up your way soon--Fence is coming along and trying to decide where to dig pond and position pole barn---Later
I am a fan of longhorns but this one is to thin and poorly muscled for my taste.
I apologize if this question is offensive, but is there some Watusi somewhere in his breeding ? His head just has that look.
No, there's no Watusi in him. I see nothing about him that looks like a Watusi. They have horns as big as fence posts coming out of their heads and the horn set has a different shape.
My mistake Rustler, its just that the common Longhorns around here that I see all the time do indeed have a different look about them. I have no doubt that your cattle will put those to shame.
This little bull is a Gun Smoke grand son. If you aren't familiar with Longhorns you wouldn't know anything about the bull. But anyway, the fellow who owned Gun Smoke had been in the business about 25 years and he told me that he was still waiting to sell his first $10,000 Longhorn. He had sold some for $5,000 but had never hit it big. It wasn't six months later he gets an offer for the bull, he sells him for $24,500 and retains 200 straws of semen plus the buyer also gives him $14,000 for a Gun Smoke daughter. Well, I thought this guy was crazy, he'd never get his money back but I was dead wrong. He has sold enough semen off the bull and sons and daughters to pay for the bull many times over. Gun Smoke is a big horn producing bull. He has alot of Butler blood in him, the Butler cattle are horn producers. They are usually a little smaller type animals but really put the horn on their calves. Alot of breeders will use Butler blood on other lines to add the horn to their cattle. This little bull will eventually fill out and be a decent sized animal, he's from a big dun brindle cow who also has a ton of horn.

Since he sold Gun Smoke he's sold several other cattle for big money. Guess it kind of kicked it off for him. We actually ground this bull's sire up in burger last year. He was a real horn producer but started getting out at five years old and I got tired of running after him, I figured that rather than take him across the scales and get 50 cents a lb it would be better to sell him as burger for $3 a lb. This little bull will have select group of heifers to visit this fall. We'll see what he can do.
Well, I do spend my weekends working with the cattle, also every morning and night. But I do have a day job. But oh yeah, need some money-it's about time to get a return on my investment. Off today, about to get out and spray weeds and put out some liquid fertilizer.

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