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Aug 15, 2006
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My homehealth nurse called,she has 2 kids in the hospital,wasn't able to tell me much,cause about 8 Drs came in,then when she called me back,the CHAPLIN came in! Both boys have ashma,but this sounds really bad. Don't know if they have H1N1 or what..
Yeah,both hers..One on floor 2,the other on 4.. One,she thinks,will be let out tomorrow,not sure about the other.. They're being tested for H1N1.. Ronald McDonald House is letting her stay there--you know,grab a shower,sleep 2 hours,go back to the hospital.. The air has been cruddy here for the past week,got me coughing when I went out..
scary--They're both much better,but the air here still isn't real good,even with the rain.
Both boys got out of the hospital last Sun. The older one has a nebulizer he has to use,I look for the other one to be on one soon. The oldest is playing football-don't know how if he can't breath..She had to miss Monday,as was worn out..
I'm good,raining here,so the bad stuff is washing out of the air..It's goona be bad when the sun comes out,everything's going to try to bloom at the same time..

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