Of course it was found in a corn field...

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Beef tongue is literally the tongue of a cow. The human consumption of beef tongue dates back to the days of Paleolithic hunters, who preferred the fatty portions of the carcass including tongues, as well as organs, brains, feet, and marrow.[1] Beef tongue is very high in fat, at almost 75% of its calories derived.[2] Some countries, such as Canada, and specifically the province of Alberta which have a large beef export industry, export large quantities of beef tongue.

And it makes a tasty casserole!! Everyone will love it, until they find out what it is. Then they get sick.

I know, 'cause I made one and took to a family gathering. I got the recipe from my grandmother's 1935 cookbook.
i dont know but i found a chicken in a plastic sack in my driveway a few years ago (before i even had chickens) and i've had bad luck ever since. i guess i should have inspected it.

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