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Dec 24, 2003
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The Oklahoma Beef, Inc., bull and replacement heifer sale will be October 21st at the OBI testing facility just west of Stillwater, OK. We'll be selling 74 bulls and 135 replacement heifers. Some of the heifers are registered, some are registerable. Bulls include 49 Angus, 8 Braunvieh, 11 Hereford, 3 Maine-Anjou, and 3 Salers. Lunch is free. If you get a chance, come by, look over the bulls and watch the sale.

The catalog is online at ... atalog.pdf

You probably have time to call Tim at 405-624-1181 or the OBI office at 405-744-6060 and ask for a catalog to be mailed.

BTW, Thanks, Macon.
Well, we had a good sale at OBI Thursday. The top Angus bull sold for $5500 and four bulls sold for $5,000 or more. One of the high selling bulls had a 15inch ribeye along with the highest marbling in his test group (according to the auctioneer). A group of five, open, half sister heifers was the highest selling group of heifers at $1750 each. There were some nice (though not fancy) bred heifers sold at $1175, too. All the heifers offered for sale were black, with a couple of black baldies mixed in.

The top Hereford bull sold for $2900, a polled bull. He was a Felton's 517 grandson, gained 5.60 lbs per day on the 112 day test, adj YW of 1364. Good looking bull.

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