O Ellie, Ellie! Wherefore art thou, Ellie?

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I haven't heard from EllieMay recently, but she had some 4H stuff going right in early June. For one a local Fair that she was showing 2 steers in.
Getting ready for these Fairs can be time consuming if you are going to do it right.
Here is an eMail I received from Ellie May this morning.

"Yeah it's been too busy around here so I haven't had much time to get on the computer except to check my e-mail. We just weaned a bunch of calves, had 7 peacocks born, 2 goats born, & a painted pony born. Lots of babies around here. The calf show went pretty good. I got rate of gain champion out 140 other people. My calf gained 4.5 pounds a day. Pretty good I guess."
Well gotta go!
Ellie May

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