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angela dawn

May 12, 2009
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I have been raising orphan calves on bottles for years and I have finally found a nurse cow but I am getting lots of advice and I'm not sure what to do. Some people say to keep the calves penned and turn the cow in for nursing in morning and afternoon. Some say to let the calves stay in the pasture with her. I just want what is best for the cow and calves. Can you help me. They will be in a five acre pen if they are turned out with her our place has to many places for a calves to get lost for them to run out with the other cows.
Keep them in a small area with the cow , make sure all calves are nursing and then go from there. Once they get used to all that milk and bond with the cow they will run a round with the others in a bigger area but come back to the cow to nurse. You also want to make sure that your cow being out just on pasture is still producing enough for your calves..
you can do it either way.but i wouldnt turn the cow out with the calves till your sure they are bonded.5acs will be big enough for them to run you may want to feed the cow she will make milk for the calves.

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