Now where did this guy come from

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Oct 22, 2005
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Trinity, TX
His mommy is behind him, the bull is a Chraolais. Last years calf from the same bull/cow was nothing like this.

Red Bull Breeder":2kwvh4md said:
Momma got some Simmi in her.

That's what I was thinking....we have a lot of calves that look like that....they have a lot of simm in them
Not sure the history of the cow, we bought at a sale. Another bull did not get to the cow. But this came as a surprise since here is the same cow with last years calf. Most of the calves I have look more like the one in this picture.

Cute calf..

I had a little heifer born last year that looked like him. Mom was Charolais and the dad was a balancer bull (gv x ra). I don't know the whole background of the mom though as she is as old as moses but she must have something else in her besides char.

Here's a couple pics of the heifer.


A lot of charolais can throw that pattern. Char in Canada and the USA were bred up to purebred status, which is why you see red, tan, black and grayish purebreds. Most likely that lineback traces back to longhorn. It is a dominant trait, but the homo dilution of the Char breed would hide it (after all, white is white), until you bred a carrier to a non-dilute animal. Chars can also have spots, stars, blazes and other markings, it is just that on a white animal it is kind of hard to see white markings.

The black cow has the spotting gene, and obviously so does the bull she was bred to.
Workinonit Farm":2t4lnqb7 said:
jscummins, I wish I could have seen the expression on your face when you first saw that calf!! :lol:


I still have an open sore on the bottom of my chin from when it hit the ground. My wife is out of state (mother having surgery), and she has only seen the picture and wants to see it so badly. The word everyone is saying is how cute. I will say this, this cow throws fast growing calves, and this calf is already bigger than one born 5 days before it.
looks like those old simmi angus cross, when simmi first started the calves would be blue and pink and marked like that, i thought they were beautiful. char s breed alot of strange pattern but real pale.
We had one of those drop your jaw where did he come from calves last spring-a red and white paint calf out of a red limmi-brahman cross heifer bred to a black limmi bull. When I saw him I started looking for the hole in the fence-he had to come from another farm! But no other cows around us at that time. And his mother was so proud of him. When we went back in his genetics, his dam went back to a red and white spotted bull we had that was out of a very loud red and white cow. (Remember the popular red and white brahmans 20-25 years ago?) This was 6 generations back and everything on the brahman side had been solid red since. Just when you think you have it all figured out what works genetically, out pops that little gene that has been hiding for years!
That is what makes this work so much fun!
We've got a charolais herd and have plenty of those coloured calves come through in anything other than full purebreds - we always comment what a nice floor mat they'd make! The white backed and tailed calves are very common - some of the ancient european cattle breeds were marked like this and it still comes through. The pure charolais are pretty much white or gold (red factor) but get a bit of something else in them, you run a chance of colouring. Even the red factor purebreds can show up with stars, white underneath and some ticking. Enjoy looking at him!
to me it looks like the cow has some holstein in her by how long her face is,she prolly milks good is why her calves grow faster,just a quess :D

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