Not sure if this works, but here's a picture

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Very nice. Glad to see you back on here. Always enjoyed seeing pictures of your cattle.
That's a nice heifer. Some of the heifers I am retaining this year I am hoping will have that exact look, lots of depth all the way through.

Very classy youngster! Are you getting hit with the big snow this week? I hope the worst of it misses you.
Thank you. Yes, we got at least 2 feet, still blowing & snowing. The wind is the worse, because every place you clean, drifts right back in. I have a 7' double auger snow blower, so we can handle a lot of snow, still it's being a major problem. Cattle are all balled up, don't want to venture out. We make paths for them, but they drift right in. All the babies are tucked into their sheds, and just venture out under the fence long enough to suck mom. All counties around me (including mine of course!) have been totally shut down all day yesterday and today. Most all of upstate NY is shut down. Plows can't keep up, especially with this wind.

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