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Feb 10, 2006
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My steer is still not eating

Here is what i have done
- given him probios
- given him B-12
- switched to sudan
- took him off feed for 3 days, then worked him back up

I can not give him a buddy steer, he is my only steer and we have separate pens, so don't suggest that, becasue it's not possible.

My parents had to feed for me on multiple occasions,they did not follow my instructions. They left the food out in the pen for him to eat, he would finish it all but not in 30 minutes

He is currently fed
5 scoops Hi-Pro finisher
1/2 scoop(a small scoop that came with the supplement) Platinum show supplement(its a vitamin, mineral, and probiotic) He has been on this since the day I got him

I am under the impression that he should be fed enough to last him for 30 min.

he is around 800lbs. we do not have a working scale so I can not weigh him

If you have any advice other than what I have already tried please tell me

Thanks. Unless I can get this figured out I will call my breeder.