Not an honest used truck out there....

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I'd be scared stiff buying a 6.7. I rode in a 2020 GMC Denali diesel last night. Sure is smooth and you can hardly hear it run. But it's owned by an older guy who has no children so he's spending it all up before he goes.
Old 97 CC F350 Poweratroke was in the shop with several problems August 2022 and we had to get to hauling cows and hay. Finally wound up with a 2012 F350 6.7 Powerstroke that looked like it was someone's RV puller in near mint condition and 68k miles. Had to pay $10k over book which we hated to do, but that was the market and we had do something. The new Godzilla gassers would have cost $10-15k more same package. 90% of the time it's hooked up to a trailer and we only put 7-8000 miles a year on the trailer puller. But when ya gotta pull something it sure is nice. Not looking forward to repair bills and I am sure they are coming at some point.
This last summer I bought a 2000 Chevy 2500 4x4 extended cab with 100K miles for $13,950. You can see where it had previously had a 5th wheel hitch. The owner's manual was in the glove box. In it there was a receipt dated back to 2000. The receipt was to a potato farm in Idaho. I figured that some potato farmer retired and used it to pull his trailer south for the winter. Only a little over 4000 miles a year. He didn't drive it much.
Trouble on the tundra is finding an older truck that isn't rusted out and is worth buying.

Have a 99 F250 7.3 6 speed truck that is about to become one with the earth again. Been looking for a decent cab to swap onto it.

I paid $3500 bucks for that F250 10 years ago when it wasn't so rusty. Now I see trucks listed for sale in worse shape than mine and asking 5-7k.
Do they have mitubishi L200's in N.A? I recently bought one a 2015 4work model for £11k ( alot for me) only had 39,000 on the clock and engine and bodywork was near immaculate only downside is there is no electric windows and no central locking on the 4work model (windows is fine the locking slightly annoying but livable), thought this was a lot of money but apparently not.
The trucks are out there just have to be able to buy right then on a deal.
I bought a 22 Ram 2500 4x4
Lone Star package with running boards spray in liner and gooseneck hitch for 53K in January. Truck had 31K miles on it and I got 48K mile bumper to bumper warranty.
It was a program truck that a local bass pro pulled his rig with and RAM sponsored.
I shouldn't have sold this one back in January. It wasn't FWD but that wasn't a problem for 21 years either. Should have just kept it, wasn't anything wrong with it.
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Iffin I'd have known, I would have bought it. I don't need a four wheel drive nearly as much as I think I do.
I shouldn't have sold this one back in January. It wasn't FWD but that wasn't a problem for 21 years either. Should have just kept it, wasn't anything wrong with it.

A truck that clean UP north is almost unheard of. A guy needs to go on a 2000+ mile road trip to import one that clean. A 2wd truck is about useless UP here but a 4wd swap isn't too hard.
I wish mine had the crew cab which I don't need, but at the time finding a straight shift you had to take what you could fine. I got it out of the garage and cleaned as with the dust you could barely see what it looked like. It is a 02 7.3 4wd PS.



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My dad just paid $39,700 for a 2013 f250 6.7 crew cab with 39k miles. Would have been $50,000 on a lot I figure.

Sold me his 2011 f150 ecoboost for $12,000. It'd only got 112k miles. It would have been $20,000 on a lot I'm sure.

Need to get my v10 f350 back on the road here in a couple weeks. I will get the f150 way too dirty if I use it for working out of.
I'd bet in 2013 that trucks MSRP was only a tad over 50k. So somebody bought it and drove it for 10 years and only lost ~10k.

Back then you lost 10k the minute you drove it off the lot and the it kept going down from there. Lol
4wd is one of those "best to have and not need it than to need it and not have it' things.
I only needed 4wd a couple times on my old place. Didn't have it on the truck but I guess the truck and tractor I pulled it out with combined to = 4wd.
My old place was flatland flood plain. I could drive anywhere on 99% of the time without getting stuck, but was the kind of place that had a hardpan on top and if you ever broke thru it, you may have to pull the truck 100 yards before getting back up on top. Down under, had no bottom. I broke thru with my old Case 480 backhoe/loader combo ONCE, and it took 2 tractors, a pickup AND the front bucket tied to a cable with the other end to an oak tree to get it up & out. Baby pooh type mud under the hard top.

4wd reall wouldn't help much as my neighbor found out the hard way more than once driving where I told him he couldn't.

"No worries..I got 4wd!"

"Hey Don, uh.. bring yore tractor..I'm stuck and stuck good!"

Around here tho, you'd have to look long and hard to find a used 2wd. Lots of hills and rocks.

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