normande cattle

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I can't put my handson the address' but there are two breeders near Lebanon, MO. Contact the Normande Assoc. and ask for breeders in MO. Be patient, it seems to take a week or more to get a response.


would like to find out more on
> these cattle and if there is a
> breeder in mo
Fleckvieh DPB":1u15oho6 said:
so herman did you find more info about the breed.
if yes please share it with us.
or does anyone else have something to say about them?

I remember first reading about the Normandie breed in the early to mid 70's when so many European breeds were being introduced to North America. Like Simmentals, Gelbviehs, etc., the Normandie was a dual purpose breed in their homeland. It seemed like most of the North American breeders that first started using Normandie genetics were using them in their beef herds.

Like many of the other European breeds that started out with a flash here in N. America in the 70's (i.e. Blonds, Pinzgauer, etc.), eventually the Normandie breed lost significant market share to breeds that were better adapted to our production systems.

Today it seems that the majority of North American Normandie breeders are positioning the breed for use in pasture based dairy herds.

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