normande and jersey cross steer

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I know nothing about normande cows. But I have an oppurtunity to get a calf that has a normande bull and jersey cow for parents. we raise one or two cross steers per year on our hobby farm for consumption and sale to friends. Any idea on how this steer would work out? Taste, grade, feed conversion, ease of keeping it.
It is one month old from a dairy farmer that had a neibor bull visit his jersey herd. It has never nursed, just bottle fed and will go to grain and pasture.
Any advice on a feeding plan?
Although I've only seen one dairy using Normande bulls I'll give this a shot. Normande are basically a dairy breed. Maybe a bit beefier then a Hersey, but still dairy. You should get more growth, a double edged sword in that. May take significantly more feed to realize the extra growth potential. They seem to be better as foragers then the other dairy breeds, but not on par with good beef cattle or beef-dairy crosses. Don't see any reason why it wouldn't make good dairy beef, at least as good as Holstein and with the Jersey influence I would think better.
OK, not start the pot shots


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