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Feb 10, 2024
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Our almost-mini Jersey milker Callie seems thin. We drew a small blood sample for a pregnancy test. I think there is very little serum in her blood. In a 2" tube full, there was about 1/8" of serum after clotting.

We weaned her 3 weeks ago and she is expecting in June'ish. We get about 4 gallons of milk daily and about 1/4 is cream.

We feed her pellets 2-3x daily. About 8 coffee cans worth and she has a round bail to herself (nice looking 1st cut SC hay). Occasionally she gets an apple or two and all the water she can drink.

I'm worried about her getting everything she needs to keep them both healthy.

Any help or advice is tremendously appreciated.

Ken & Sandy
Beech Island, SC.
Sometimes the clot doesn't contract very much until it is centrifuged so I wouldn't worry too much about that right now.

Tells us more about the pellets and have you tested your hay? Looks can be deceiving. How many pounds is in a coffee can?
Hi, and welcome to the forum. One suggestion... take a fecal sample to the vet and have it tested for worms. We had a few cows with small calves get thin in a group and had fecals done and some were carrying a heavy worm load... normally we have no problem with that in the adult beef cows. Last year was not a "normal year" ... drought up here in VA and other areas, and some places had more rain. Although temps probably don't get real cold where you are, we have had a little cold snap but it is warmer than normal now so things like that will proliferate it seems.
Agree on testing the hay. The extension agent in your area can tell you where to get it sent also. And if you are feeding that much pellets she might not dry up.
You said you weaned her 3 weeks ago? Do you mean you weaned a calf off her or you quit milking to dry her up?
Thanks so much for the replies and sage advice.

An old pilot once told me; "trust your instruments". I was asking about soil and how to amend it.

We need to test inputs and outputs, funny I didn't even think about that! Thank you!!

7 lbs to a coffee can. Mom measured it. We weaned the steer calf and Sandy is milking once a day and making about a pound butter every other day. We need to learn how to make cheese, the fridge is full, the dog is getting fat, and the chickens love the milk. The silly brain damaged cat doesn't care for it! We really want to do this right, while looking like we know what we're doing (just kidding).

Thanks again,
Ken & Sandy
Butter freezes good for when you have extra. You can vacuum pack or wrap in wax paper and then in saran wrap...You can freeze milk also... not as good as fresh, but is great for cooking...

She is getting way too much grain/pellets if she is going to have to go dry in 2 months... that's 50 lbs a day???? (7 lbs x 8 cans=56)... Her system is trying to keep up her production and the grain is going all to milk... cut her grain in half , and see if her production doesn't slow down in a few days/week... and then she might start to put on weight. Add some corn to drop the protein, and corn will put weight on her also.
If you go to your name top right, down to account details, and down to location.,... you can put in your general location and it will appear on your avatar everytime you make a post... Helps sometimes for tailoring advice to area...

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