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Jan 10, 2005
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Would there be any disadvantage in telling the stockyard owner, before the sale, what the minium price would have to be for a load of your calves?
Talk to the owner before you take them. Might save you the haul bill and sale bill. Also if they know you are bringing them they might be able to advertise them and get a better price. Ask for a guaranteed price and see if they will do that.
I never haul and bring home - it leaves the place it is gone forever - the bill to go out and back is horrendous.

You best have your ducks in a row before you start doing this unless you are selling in onesies and twosies.

There are costs to doing this on top of hauling - the sale barn will want their piece of the pie as well (do not blame them)

Your best bet?

Call the place up and ask.

Nice to see a price maker rather than a price taker - need more like you - things would change if we all did it.


If the sale barn doesn't want you to No Sell them you can bid on them yourself and take them back home all it cost you is the commisssion and the freight both ways if they don't bring what you wnat them too just don't get too greedy

I have done this for people and most of the time their calves sell the reason alot of times for low prices is no competition from bidders you will have a few order buyers and they have already conspired with each other what set of calves each want so the others keep their dog out of the fight

Order buyers are a tight knit group they are just a little better than snake oil salesmen :lol:
I live fairly close to the sale barn and once the buyers thought they were going to steal a calf of mine that got beat up back in the pens. I just said no sale, hauled him home with no commission charge against him and took him back two weeks later. He sold well.
One time I couldn't go to the sale I had my yearlings at so my son went. Same sort of scenario, lame animal from getting pounded on back in the yards. Buyers thought it was a great opportunity to steal a 50 son stood up and said pass him. One fat buyer said well will you take 60 cents? My son said nice and loud I'd rather shoot him and let the coyotes eat him before I'd let you bastards steal him! He got a lot of compliments from some old farmers later. Again two weeks sold at a different market, did well.
Depends on the market and the buyers. If they know your minimum, there is a chance that the minimum is all you're going to get. If hauling back home is not a problem, you would probably be better to no sell them.

At our local barn, there are two buyers and one owner, and they are in cahoots together. You can buy cows here and take them to the other market they own and pick up an extra 10 - 15 cents per pound.
denoginnizer":3qti0ycz said:
Would there be any disadvantage in telling the stockyard owner, before the sale, what the minium price would have to be for a load of your calves?

Talk to the owner and see. He's probably going to charge you something for running them through the ring whether they sell or not. But the only way to know is to ask.
On a load they dont run them through the ring here. The stockyard owner just comes out to the farm and looks at the cattle. At the sale a flyer is passed out describing the weight , color , sex and grade of the cattle to be sold.
I'm with RedBull on this one - sell 'em off the farm. Another alternative would be to use a video sale - if your local sale barn handles those sales. I think taking them to the sale and then bringing them home is just too risky - i.e. could carry home a nasty cough and spread it around, could get injured loading/unloading/hauling, etc.
if you're just talking about one or two a year - I'd try to sell them as beef. Gotta have a neighbor that needs a good one for the freezer.