No illusions in the barnyard

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Mar 10, 2004
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Manitoba, Canada
My wife picked up my daughter and the neighbors son who are the same age from a birthday party the other day. On the way home, the neighbors son said'The cows are humping today'. My wife thinking she must have heard incorrectly said "Oh, the cows are jumping today are they?". The neighbors son replied " No, the cows are humping, thats how they make babies' at which time mine daughter chimed in 'That's called breeding when they do that'. These kids are six years old. Funny, how farm kids have no illusions about that sort of thing.
The other day my 7 year old came running in the house and said "Mom I think the big red heifer is in standing heat cause I just saw the steer riding her and she didn't try to move." What 7 year old know this stuff???? :lol: :lol: :lol:
It is just SO healthy. I get such a kick out of my friends' kids on the subject of cattle. It is so matter of fact & knowledgeable instead of the simpering, snickering kind of comments you hear from city kids. Course I am proud of my own kid..but she wasn't raised with the cows..She just finished a tour in Iraq..but has to go back to the area this week for a few more months. GO NAVY!!
Last year when the grankids were visiting I had to AI a couple of cows. The first one my daughter watched since she had never seen the process before. She had the kids stay in the house. BTW, they run or ran at that time 6 -16. After the first cow the kids watched. The typical comment was ukkkk. When the calves hit the ground from those breedings, you would have thought that they had done the breeding. They really took a special interest in those calves. These are city kids that had never been exposed to anything other then dogs and cats till the came to gramps and grannys farm.

I have seen this alot. Used to teach school. Wasn't really supprised when I taught in big towns but was really suprised when I moved to Comanche county. We ahve alot of dairies and so many kids did not know were milk came from. I sure hope the store does not run out any time soon.

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