Nice May day

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lithuanian farmer

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Nov 16, 2012
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Europe, Lithuania
Finally had some warmer weather with sun. It's been cold and wet. Still very late spring. Some photos of heifers and young bulls.

Some outwintered heifers, due starting the end of august.

Daughter and mother. Mother is the 3rd calver. Daughter due in september.
Nice looking bunch. They came through the winter really well it looks like. They should really come on good with the warm weather and grass starting.
Thank you. Yes, very happy how they look after winter. We've improved feeding since last summer, so it shows good results. Next winter gonna replace a part of hay with haylage. Hope for even better results.
The red bull's full brother last year had kill-out of almost 67%. High expectations for this boy too. His dam had the 1st heifer this year. Really want to leave her as replacement.

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