Newly seeded grass When to graze???

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George Monk

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Mar 1, 2006
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I messed up last year and overgrazed some beautiful orchardgrass and lost the pasture. To renovate the pasture I no-tilled fescue/clover/alfagraze alfalfa with wheat as a cover crop in Feb/Mar.
All of the mix is there, sprouted and growing but I fear that the weeds are going to overtake the seed. I had originally thought that I would wait until June and then start grazing, giving the seed plenty of time to grow. After several scouting trips thourgh the pasture I wonder if I shouldn't flash graze this to reduce pressure on the seedlings. Can this be done without sever damage to the seedlings? The seedlings are 2-3 inches high. The wheat is a little bigger. Weeds are bigger
There is 40 acres in this pasture that is divided into 8 paddocks. I have plenty of hay so I could graze each paddock a day or two and then idle the paddocks for a long period of time if need be.
What do you think I should do?
You can do a pull test. Go out in the field and grab a small hand full of the grass. Pull up on it. If the grass breaks off you can possibly graze it. If it comes out by the roots it is still too early. Try several places and just pull on a small hand full at a time. There might be other factors that would affect any potential grazing but this will give you a start.

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